Home Tools : Chop Saw – Quick, Easy Cuts

Home Tools : Chop Saw – Quick, Easy Cuts


Home Tools Also known as a motorized miter or drop saw, a chop saw is a tool that can cut a very fast and precise crosscut. They usually use it to frame and print and are usually small and rather portable. These tools, like other electrical devices around the workshop, require practice and knowledge so that you can use them safely and effectively.

With this tool, a powerful saw blade destroys it quickly, precisely, which cuts the pieces, which you hold along a vertical metal piece known as a fence. The fence holds the work piece at a 90 degree angle, though other angles are possible. Drop the blade down (usually along a predetermined line) and cut the pieces to the right measurements.Home Tools

A chop saw can come with some specialized attachments that can improve its functionality. One of them, which recognizes it as a compound, allows the angle of the blade to adjust it relative to the horizontal plane, usually in the range between 50 negative and positive degrees. Another attachment, calling it a slide, allows the blade to move in long parallel pieces relative to the workpiece. Recent technology has allowed the use of lasers to guide the blade more precisely, and other attachments clean up dust (which is notoriously difficult to get rid of around a drop saw).

Sharp Tool In The Workshop

Like a sharp tool in a workshop, you must take care to operate the blade safely and effectively. Personal protective equipment such as gloves and eye goggles should be worn at all times. Though sometimes uncomfortable, this not only can help against accidents but long term health issues such as dust getting into the respiratory system. All safety instructions using cut saws must be obeyed at all times. Short cuts may lead to nasty cuts.

In terms of effectiveness, many people forget that the blade itself has a diameter. When the wood in a cuting, some of it will lossing. This may not be significant to most people, but it can throw off precise cuts. Therefore, when making a cut it is advisable to cut on the side outside of the desired length of the work piece. We also recommend sharpening the blade, because wood can have a blunt effect on the blade itself.

Given the right amount of knowledge, a chop saw will make several tasks in the workshop a snap. Its quick cutting action will be heaven for those who have had to manually saw a piece of wood for several minutes or even hours depending upon the thickness of the wood and the sharpness of the blade.

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