6 Tools In Your Home That Can Explode

6 Tools In Your Home That Can Explode

Tools Can Explode – There are various electrical appliances in the household that can explode and cause serious damage to property and can even endanger lives. Therefore, it is necessary that a person must carry out proper checks on electrical equipment and inspect them every 6 months.

There are various factors that can cause an explosion, such as overheating or overloading the main electric switch. Here are 6 explosive devices:Tools Can Explode

Hot water heater

Hot water heater – There are a temperature and pressure relief valve on the water heater to prevent the appliance from overheating. However, it can sometimes fail which has the potential to explode and cause serious damage. Therefore, it is necessary to seek the help of a certified electrician in Palo Alto to keep checking whether the tool is working properly.

Light bulbs

Light bulbs – Light bulbs usually explode rather than explode when damaged. It’s like a vacuum tube and a drop of water that lands on it can cause explosions and can endanger a person’s life if the glass falls on someone.

Wood stoves

Wood stoves – Older wood stoves produce unburned gas which can cause small explosions that can fill the room with ash and dust. Therefore, one must switch to increase the furnace which can prevent significant damage.

Portable propane tank

Portable propane tank – If the propane tank is too hot for whatever reason it can cause excessive pressure and rupture which causes a strong air-fuel explosion. However, there are several tanks equipped with broken discs that help avoid pressure buildup. Therefore, one must switch to a new propane tank to avoid damage.


Boilers – Similar to water heaters, boilers also have pressure and temperature relief valves. Therefore, a person must check regularly by a professional to prevent the risk of an explosion.


Batteries – Theoretically, household batteries are explosive and can damage property and even endanger a person’s life. Therefore find articles, it is necessary to check all the batteries and make sure they are functioning properly.

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