How To Build A Japanese Garden

How to Build a Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden, there are few styles of garden more clinical yet as serene and calming as Japanese gardens. These gardens traditionally make extensive use of water, stone lanterns, bamboos, maples, azaleas, bridges and pagodas, but a simpler form can be created for small, enclosed gardens.

This is the so-called ‘dry garden’, a replica Japanese garden in which raked coarse sand or fine gravel covers the entire area and represents water, with rocks carefully positioned to create land. Additionally, distinctive plants in containers can be strategically placed to form focal points or areas of interest near paths or buildings. Planting bushes and small trees can also be done on the ground at the edges, with sand around it. Specimens of bonsai, the ancient Japanese art of miniature plant-growing, can be displayed on low tables. Plant Shrubs and bonsai trees in shallow small containers and store them in the dwarf through regular pruning of leaves, stems and roots.japanese garden

Japanese Garden – Construction and maintenance

Small ‘dry’ gardens are easy to plan and quick to build, but sometimes they suffer from problems with weeds. When preparing the area allocated for your dry garden. Remove all perennial weeds, …