Architectural Company Is More Than Just Exterior Design

Architectural Company Is More Than Just Exterior Design

Exterior Design – If you are thinking of building or repairing a home or commercial real estate. An architectural company can help you with not only the structural design aspects of the project but with many other important factors. The company has expanded its expertise to include offering a range of services including interior design, landscaping, and special designs that fit specific needs. Following are some of the ways architecture firms can do other than basic design ideas.Exterior Design


Hiring a professional architecture company to handle your next building or home project can give you better peace of mind knowing that everything complies with high-security standards. This is very important if the building is in an area prone to natural disasters that can destroy properties such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Architectural companies can also help improve the security and privacy offered by buildings through careful planning and layout design. Well-placed doors or windows can be a much better deterrent for intruders than even the most expensive security systems.


Parking? Access disabled? Climate? These factors and many other small factors and details need to be considered. When designing new buildings or …

Converting The Loft And The Exterior Design

Converting The Loft And The Exterior Design

When planning a new loft conversion it is obviously very important to make sure that any changes to the outside of the house enhance the appearance of the home. The exterior design should be sympathetic to the property and the immediate environment around the house.

Although most styles and sizes are now OK because of the new construction laws they allow. Tasteful exterior that blends with the surrounding environment will not only look good but will also easily increase property value.The Exterior Design

One style they would not allow, and we all had to thank him, was the large, squat and ugly dormitory room they threw during the 1980s. These spots on the landscape are truly terrible and it is impossible for a householder to allow them to build them today.

The Exterior Design – Permitted Development

In October 2008, new development regulations they allowed for adoption governments. Which allowed homeowners greater freedom in designing and building extensions including loft conversions.

These permitted development regulations classify a loft conversion as ‘permitted development’ and, as such, the project will not require planning permission from the local authority as long as certain qualifying factors are taken into …