Eco-Chic Materials For Your Home Renovation Projects

Eco-Chic Materials For Your Home Renovation Projects

Eco-Chic Materials – Earth Day was last week, and whether you’re ready to save the planet, or simply practice more eco-friendly habits it’s easier than ever to implement green and sustainable products into your home renovation projects.Eco-Chic Materials

Here are some material considerations for you to examine before starting a kitchen or bathroom renovation. Educate yourself on all the available green and sustainable products available today, as they will provide you with a greener home and a much healthier lifestyle.

Counter Tops – Eco-Chic Materials

They consider Bamboo as a very sustainable material because it reaches maturity within five years, and regenerates from its original root system – it never requires replanting.

Wood is a wonderful material for butcher-block countertops and flooring.

When planted locally, sustainably, or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certifies it, they tend to give very high scores.

Concrete countertops are increasingly popular in contemporary settings and are not off-gas. People consider They are the greenest when making them locally and when mixed with alternative cement and recycled aggregates.

Quartz surfaces are one of my favorite countertop surfaces. They are available in a large number of beautiful colors and finishes – easy …