Cape Town Biodiversity Garden Showcase

Cape Town Biodiversity Garden Showcase

Cape Town Garden – The project is one of five of the City of Cape Town’s (CoCT) Local Action for Biodiversity (LAB). LAB is a global urban biodiversity program coordinating by ICLEI-Local Government for Sustainability, in partnership with IUCN.Cape Town Garden

The purpose is to showcase the diversity of plants and animals in the Cape and demonstrate responsible garden practise. Stephen Granger, Head of major programmes and projects at the City’s Environmental Resource

Management Department

Management Department, recognized its purpose ‘to showcase the Cape’s biodiversity and demonstrate responsible gardening practises.’ Its goal ‘is to raise public awareness about the value and importance of regional biodiversity, and to disseminate practical knowledge on how to help conserve it.

Art in the form of insects, animals and displays they have placed throughout the park with steel, bronze and beads, for some names, by Roddy McGuffog, Zizamele, Michael Methven, Streetwise and others. A few animals to spot in the garden include the grey mongoose, spotted genet, cape hare, cape fox and caral. All animals and insect sculptures are native species of cape.

Ceramic fish, Clanwilliam yellow fish, brightly colored ones jumping and swimming on water really stood out to me when …