Why Your Business Architecture And Facade Matters

Why Your Business Architecture And Facade Maters

Business Architecture – They say that familiarity breeds contempt, and there is a lot to be said for that indeed. However when it comes to your company’s exterior those Golden Arches, Architecture, or Exterior Design bring in customers. You see, consumers feel comfortable with familiarity, consistency, and knowing what to expect. The logos, branding, building design matter, they matter very much.Business Architecture

Consider if you will what you see when you walk into a Grocery Store, Book Store, Large Retailer, or franchise operation – you see about what you suspect. Anything new, different, sales racks catch your eye and may entice you to buy. But you are there in the first place because you trust the company, their food, services, or products right? The other day I went to Weinerschnitzel and got to thinking how unique the building is, the signage, as well as the logo, colors, and ambiance.

Brilliant Branding

From the parking lot looking forward or driving by, it’s a one of a kind – brilliant branding – as good or better than those old golden archers of Mickey D’s in fact. I bet Ray Kroc would agree, that although McDonalds far …