Build A Sturdy Tree House With Appropriate Materials

Build A Sturdy Tree House With Appropriate Materials

With various ingredients, you can build a tree house. Because of its strength, lightness and low cost, wood can generally use it for structural parts and cladding. Special tree bolts that can support steel weighing 2700 kg (2,700 kg) can use it for brackets, cables and bolts. Recycled materials or parts, such as reclaimed window frames, doors and used lumber are what builders of tree houses sometimes use. To promote sustainability by re-using resources is one motivation for this. You also save money compared with buying new materials by using some reclaiming materials and this can also add up to abstract styles and retro designs to the structure of the tree house. Non-rigid temporary structures that are more like tree tents than tree houses can be use like fabrics.Tree House Materials

Regular timber has fixed dimension and will have a predictable strength and you can get it easily from any lumber store. You can use the wood you harvest yourself but you have to saw it because it is weaker when it is green and when revealed, hidden defects can definitely cause failure.

Exterior Plywood

You should not twist the beam when viewed along the long side and must be free of knots and large splits. Exterior plywood is very strong and is suitable for use in potentially damp situations. Making the floor more rigid, it will resist twisting forces. A thickness of 3/4″ will span joists of 12″ between centers. To prevent water running onto areas of the floor that is not roofed, you will need Plywood. Plywood does not allow drainage or ventilation and will extend the life of any wood material you use for the floor and this is good practice in general.

Use a minimum thickness of 1 “with the beam you attach at 12” between the center and for the wood flooring material that is very suitable. It allows air to ventilate the tree house through gaps in the floor when cut to size than large, heavy sheets of plywood, Timber is easier to raise into the tree. For a strong and good looking floor, you can use hardwood flooring in a tree house, such as oak or maple. To make a wooden frame effect, you can use oak or other hardwood but for that structure it might add to the weight.

To allow rain to flow without breaking through walls, boards usually overlap with a technique they call shiplapping.
Make the structure much more rigid plywood is useful as a base layer if the frame is very lightweight. Cover materials are usually non-structural, so you can use alternative materials for walls to add visual interest. To allow air to enter the ventilation of the tree house and to add a natural look, the wicker branches you use.

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