Going Green At Home – 5 Simple Tips

Going Green At Home – 5 Simple Tips

Green Home – Going green at home isn’t difficult. In fact, being more eco-conscious really is a simple matter of exchanging one non-green habit for a more Earth-friendly one. When we were going green in our home, it was getting past the newness of being green that was the biggest challenge. Once we got past that, being green became second nature. Below are a few simple tips you can use to make switching to a greener lifestyle simple and easy.Green Home

Use Green Home Cleaning Products

Use Green Cleaning Products – Today’s mainstream cleaning products are full of harsh chemicals that contribute to environmental pollution. Additionally, many are toxic to both humans and animals which cause thousands to experience long term health consequences due to exposure. Green cleaning products are made with all-natural ingredients, such a baking soda, and lemon, which makes them easier on both the environment and your health.

Wash Responsibly

Wash Responsibly – Your laundry room is a major environmental offender. Not only does it consume a lot of energy to wash and dry clothes but the toxins found in laundry products find their way to our lakes, streams and drinking water. Save energy by washing on cold and air drying clothes when you can. Switch to using either green laundry detergent or a concentrated version of your favorite brand. You’ll use less which means fewer chemicals being dumped into the water.

Skip the Bath

Skip the Bath – Save the long hot baths as a special treat for yourself when you really need R&R. Instead, take military showers. By switching to showers you will save at least half the water you would have used with a bath. In addition, you use 5 gallons per minute of water in a shower so the less time you are in the shower the less water you will use. Both the environment and your water bill will thank you.

Reduce Your Paper Load

Reduce Your Paper Load – Reduce the amount of mail you get by signing up for the online versions of your bills and your bank statements. Instead of sending a check through the mail, pay online or use your bank’s bill payment service to take care of obligations. Got junk mail? has a great tutorial that will show you step by step how to get your name off marketing lists.

Use Cloth Bags

Use Cloth Bags – If your home is like most you probably have a cabinet full of plastic shopping bags. Besides re-purposing them as small trash can liners these shopping bags cannot otherwise be recycled. Save yourself the headache of storing them by switching to cloth bags. You’ll have a stylish way to carry your groceries and you’ll be cutting down the clutter in your home.

Going green at home can be both fun and easy. Use your imagination to find simple solution you can implement that will positively impact your health and the environment.

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