Designer Wall And Floor Tiles For A More Stylish Home

Designer Wall And Floor Tiles For A More Stylish Home

More Stylish Home Tiles have a lot of potentials to create stylish homes. Designers are of the opinion that we are presently using the wall and floor tiles only to about 10 percent of their capability. Designer spaces that spell luxury in the capital letter are easily created with tiles. A tile is much more than just a rectangular piece of clay. Stylish interiors with added art, dimension, shine, color, character, and pattern are added to a room with tiles. They work well both on the exteriors and interiors of a home.More Stylish Home

Designer tiles are exclusive ones with distinct color and pattern that add that extra character to the walls and floors. They are typically made of any raw material, but definitely look extraordinary in their appearance.

Did you know that you can use designer options from the floor to the ceiling in a bathroom and embed them with colorful murals? This is an inspiring design for a stylish bathroom. Create murals like fish, fresh roses, dolphins, a ferry ride on the waves, waterfalls, etc on the walls of the bathrooms. They transform the bathrooms into the luxurious Turkish baths and spas. You can also create beautiful ribbon patterns on the walls with shiny glass tiles that add a lot of glamour. These shiny designer tiles add a lot of reflective surfaces that make the room feel bright and refreshed.

Experimenting With New Materials And Products

How can designer floors be left behind? Smooth stones under your foot massage your tired soles gently and add a spa-like touch to your bathroom. Pebble floor tiles are made of glass and are environmentally friendly options for the floors.

These designer ones on the floors can add that extra zing to your stylish interiors. Ceramic wall and floor tiles also come in many textures and patterns to create interesting interiors. Essentially, those used on the walls are lighter than the ones used for floors and come in smaller sizes. They are also available in mosaic patterns that are easily installed.

Experimenting with new materials and products is very interesting for any homeowner. You want the best of materials to style your interiors. Nowadays, installation of designer wall and floor tiles are in the easy reach of all consumers. They hardly need any time and come in many affordable options. When you plan and execute a designer interior yourself, it reflects your personality and is valued more for its beauty and style.

Textured floors and walls and wall coverings made from glass are preferred a lot. Apart from adding a lot of styles, the covering also protects the tiles from wear and tear. Another newer trend is the use of wooden and stole tile finishes for flooring and walls. Designer tile world has innumerable options that are waiting to be explored by curious homeowners who are enthusiastic about making their homes extra stylish.


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