White House Organic Vegetable Gardening – Fresh Is Best!

White House Organic Vegetable Gardening – Fresh Is Best!

Organic Vegetable Gardening – Is the food you eat adversely affecting your health? Have you started to feel the effects of unhealthy dietary choices such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, etc.. 69 million Americans are obese, (now the second leading cause of death) due to poor diet and inactivity. 18 million now have diabetes, which is a 49% increase in the past 10 years.Organic Vegetable Gardening

Most Commercially Processed Food Is Bleached

Most commercially processed food is bleached, refined, chemically preserved, pasteurized, sterilized, homogenized, hydrogenated, artificially colored and flavored, de-fibered, high in sugar, high in salt, synthetically fortified (enriched), canned, and exposed to hundreds of man made chemicals which for children, who absorb environmental toxins and chemicals ten times faster than adults, this can directly affect their development. There is simply no “life energy” in most of the food we eat.

Although eliminating commercially processed food completely from our diet and becoming strictly vegetarian would be best, that is next to impossible for most of us. However, by eliminating a little at a time and adding more and more fresh, organic, home or locally grown fruit and vegetables to your diet, you should begin to notice an improvement in your health within a short period of time. The more changes you make consistently over time, the more you will experience greater health benefits such as weight loss, more energy and vitality, self confidence, a general overall feeling of well being and much more.

When You Learn – Organic Vegetable Gardening

When you learn how to eat to live and not live to eat, your health will greatly improve. By eating fresh fruit and vegetables, your body is getting live food with life energy full of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that it needs. You will find that you are not hungry all of the time because your body is satisfied. And by eating less you will lose more weight. Especially when the food you are now eating is actually good for you.

By continuing to eliminate unhealthy food loaded with salt, sugar, fat, chemicals, etc. From your diet and add more and more fresh fruit and vegetables. You simply will experience better health, improve your immune system, have more energy, better sleep, notice healthier skin, hair, nails, vision and more!

Growing your own organic fruit and vegetable garden is not only the best nutrition wise. But it’s also the most cost efficient. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that every $100 spent on a vegetable garden yields $1000 – $1700 in produce and that 43 million. Americans are planning to grow a fruit and vegetable garden this year. Everyone enjoys eating tasty and healthy, locally grown, fresh fruit and vegetables. And now with this recession more and more people are planting a garden to save money as well.

You Can Purchase Fresh Organically Grown Produce

You can purchase fresh organically grown produce. But it usually costs two or three times the price and how can you be sure it is truly organic or fresh. Remember, fresh is best, and by growing your own organic fruit and vegetable garden. You can ensure the quality of what you and your family are eating.

Education is the key to getting you started in the right direction towards better eating habits by growing your own fresh fruit and vegetable garden. And here are some important facts you will need to know. How to choose a site for your garden whether it be someplace in your yard, or a “bucket garden” grown on a porch or deck, or even hanging baskets or pots grown indoors. Next would be preparing and choosing the right kind of soil, fertilizers, organic compost mixtures, ratios, etc. To meet the specific needs of your plants.

Then Choosing – Organic Vegetable Gardening

Then choosing the right kind of plants for your climate zone,also when and how to plant them. Proper watering, feeding, and general care for your plants as they grow. Finally, how and when to harvest, prepare, and store your very own fresh, organically grown fruit and vegetables. You will find that it’s not at all difficult when you have the right resources to help you step by step in your gardening efforts. Whatever you are able to do, consider it an investment in your health with long term, ongoing rewards!

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