Indoor Container Herb Garden Design With Limited Space

Indoor Container Herb Garden Design With Limited Space

Herb Garden Design. One dilemma that worries many who are considering starting an indoor herb garden is the space they have available to dedicate to the new hobby. Don’t agonize over this quandary because there are many solutions and one of them will surely work for you.

If you are concerned about not having the space available to hold all of the herbs you want to grow, then look at some other alternatives. There is no rule that says all your herbs have to be in one area or even in one room. Think of your herbs as consumable houseplants; as long as they receive the light, water and nutrients they require they can thrive wherever you locate them within your living space.Herb Garden Design

Herb Garden Design – Plant Stands

Plant stands are a great accent piece and are built in many shapes and styles. Find a design that matches you style decor or go for something whimsical that can be a great conversation piece. This option may be for you if you have a small piece of floor space. In general, in order to be able to accommodate many containers you need to uphold the plants. Which is ideal to minimize the need for a light source for each plant.

No Floor Space Available?

No floor space available? Then another alternative you may want to consider is hanging baskets or hanging planters. Whatever you call them, they offer an alternative that takes up no floor space. You have to hang them out, above stationary furniture, in a corner or at the window opening. Placement is important to avoid people running into the suspended planter and either injuring themselves or knocking the planter down. Hanging in a window opening may provide the light source the plant needs but make sure it does not also deliver a cold draft in the winter that will not be good for the herb plants. Hanging a plantation will require hardware to do the installation, do the installation well to the ceiling. Window opening or the wall so they are not as easy to relocate as some of the other options.

An additional option that will not take up floor space is windowsill planters. The rectangular shaped planters that are the perfect size for most windows. If you decide to try this option, make sure you measure each window being considered and verify the planter dimensions will work. You may think that the windowsill dimensions are all the same but in some homes that is not the case due to remodeling or other various reasons. Using windowsill planters offers the same potential benefits and risks as hanging planters in the window; it may provide the light source the herb needs. But it may also provide a cold winter draft that the herb does not need.


Shelving, mounted to the wall, is the next option when living with limited space. Creating your own shelving units and mounting them can be very inexpensive. If you decide to try this option, make sure your shelves do not span too long of an area and make sure your mounts are securely attached to the wall studs (screws are highly recommended, not nails). To get the most from you light source (assuming it is overhead). You can stagger the shelves creating a pattern you find attractive. Once again, make sure your mounts are firmly attached to the wall studs and don’t overload the shelves with too many heavy herb containers.

The room becomes limited and you should not limit the container herb garden in your room. Look at it from the “glass half full perspective” and see it as a chance to use some creative, fun and attractive ways to design your garden space.

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