Made To Order Cat Furniture, Is It Really Worth The Price?

Made To Order Cat Furniture, Is It Really Worth The Price?

Cat Furniture – You’re shopping for cat furniture, there are so many configurations, styles and colors. It shouldn’t be so hard to find the right one. Which one is right for you and your cat?

Your fur baby wants a cat tree, you agree and begin the search. You’ll find several with a style that you think your cat will enjoy but the perfect one is pink! The price is right but can you live with that big pink thing in your home?Cat Furniture

There are manufacturers that will make cat furniture to your exact specifications and some that have a large variety of popular designs or configurations customizable in your choice of colors. One manufacturer even allows you to add modules as your kitty’s needs grow. Let’s talk about Pussicat Premium Cat Furniture and what they offer in terms of [modular] expansion.

Pussicat Has Many Models

Pussicat has many models already configured, you can select from a variety of colors and some even offer a two-tone color option. You find one that is perfect but the price doesn’t exactly fit your budget. The great thing about Pussicat is you can start out with a smaller preconfigured tree and add additional components later. When building your preferred cat tree, it is important to consider how the add-on modules may effect balance. The preconfigured trees are built with balance in mind. A large base should be the most important part of the configuration. As the tree begins to grow upward, balance is the next prerequisite. You can add playboxes, hammocks, scratching posts, round tubes, sleepers and more but each item added must be balanced properly to keep the tree stable and kitty safely entertained.

Pussicat makes it easy for you by offering smaller beginner trees such as the Tessin, Comet or the Arena. They can be purchased at a reasonable price and added to anytime in the future. You can actually start with a smaller model and build up to a Magic Kingdom simply by adding parts (modules) as you go. By building your cat furniture over time, you can add additional components as your budget permits, not to mention that your cat will think they have a new tree each time you add something to it.

Purchase :

You should purchase cat furniture with longevity in mind. It should last many years and yes a good cat tree is more expensive than the imported ones, however, made in the USA cat furniture will endure constant use for many years. The lesser expensive models life expectancy is less depending on the activity of your cat(s). You do get what you pay for and cat furniture is no exception.

Recently, a customer that was inquiring about a new cat tree told me that her three cats have constantly used their tree for just over ten years. She said it still looks as good as the day it arrived but she thought maybe they wanted something different. What was the cat furniture that lasted ten years through three cats and still looked as good as new? It was a Pussicat Mont Blanc. So, when you think of cost, divide that cost by ten years and you’ll find those made to order trees are a lot less expensive than you thought.

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