Chinese Contribution To The World Furniture Industry

Chinese Contribution To The World Furniture Industry

Chinese furniture industry – Human evolution paves the way for the evolution of things around it too, including furniture. Furniture has been a part of human life for centuries and when it came to its history. China has made an indelible mark.Chinese Furniture Industry

Ancient Chinese used to sit or kneel on the floor of their house but in the period between 471-221 BC. They began to make furniture such as beds and mats. Since then, they have begun to make many beds and mats which they later used mainly by the royal family and dynasty. Elegant furniture designs peaked during the Ming dynasty. During the Ching dynasty, they had created a more complex and luxurious work. Until now, most of the furniture designs that emerged during these two periods are still evident in the furniture we have today.

The Wealth Of China’s Natural Resources

You can see the wealth of natural resources in China as one of the main reasons for the large development of the Chinese furniture industry. Wood has become the most common material used by Chinese people to craft them. China is a country rich in natural resources, where most of its furniture is influenced by this. Wood has become the main ingredient for their craft. Your Huganhuali (yellow pear wood), jichi mu (phoenix tail or chicken wing wood) and your zitan (dark purple hut). Are the most valuable and important wood they use when making their furniture. They know these three types of wood to create very good wood, especially in terms of strength and density. On top of all three, Chinese people also make extraordinary pieces made of bamboo.

Chinese art is clearly reflected in their unique, intricate and meticulous furniture designs, especially those made and refined during the Ching and Ming dynasties. But people at that time didn’t really care about this and furniture as art they only recognized when communism rose in this country. However, foreigners have noticed and managed to get some of their most amazing creations that can now be found in various museums around the world. Including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. At the Beijing Palace Museum, some of these creations they present today.

Over the years, Chinese have shown their love of beauty. And art through their unique culture reflected in the various designs and styles they have created in their furniture. Their material choices also speak of their ingenuity that is comparable to other prominent artists in other parts of the world.

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