3 Step Buyer Checklist For Metal Garden Furniture

3 Step Buyer Checklist For Metal Garden Furniture

If you want to buy a set of metal garden furniture, you need to be sure that the product you choose will stand the test of time. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have a clue about the process of making metals and become irritated by technical jargon such as zinc powder and kataforesis.Metal Garden Furniture

Metal Garden Furniture

This article explains what this means in simple terms, so you don’t need to have a degree in chemical engineering to find out what to buy. We will also look at other factors that make quality metal garden furniture products. After reading our buyers 3-step guide, you will know exactly what you need to pay attention to and can separate the wheat from the husk.

1. Finishing and Protection

Here we will explain the various types of protective finishing used, so you will know what to look for in the furniture specifications.

Powder Coating – Powder coating is a type of finishing that is better than conventional painting methods. The coating attaches to the surface through a magnetic charge and makes the final product durable and scratch resistant. You will find that most products will offer this protection. However, if you want to keep your metal porch in bad weather, powder coating alone will not offer adequate protection.

Galvanization – is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to prevent rust. This works because Zinc is corrosion resistant. However, this protection can fail when the metal is scratched or damaged.

Cataphoresis – is a highly reliable metal treatment used in the car industry but is often used in the production of metal garden furniture. The component is treated in a tub, this tub is then filled with electricity which basically strengthens the metal and makes it more resistant to things like acid and salt. Then apply the powder to the surface

Hot-Zinc Bath Technology – uses this Technology for ship parts, cable cars and street light poles. This protection is very reliable so that even when the paint layer is damaged, the surface below it will still be protected by rust with the work of zinc electrolytes. This treatment ensures years of external use even in humid environments.

2. Weld connection

If you can see the product up close, see the connection being welded, they must be neat and smooth. Although it is remembered that if metal furniture is welded by hand, it may not be as neat and each weld will be slightly different, some will be better than others. The product must feel solid and there should be no joint movement if you try to shake it.

Today many people buy online so if you have a product in mind – a good way to test company knowledge is to ask what welding methods are used in product production. One of the most reliable and technologically advanced methods is welding using robots. Computerized robots make the same perfect weld, with the same length, thickness and smoothness, every time. If your metal garden furniture makes it use this technique, it will be stronger and stronger than other brands.

3. Chair and Table Legs

Legs are important! The first thing to consider is that you don’t want them to damage or scratch your floor. To prevent this, some products install polyurethane glides at the base of the foot. Ask the retailer about this insertion, the thickness and material are important, some plastics will break and break and others can leave dirty black marks on your floor. This is highly recommended, especially if you plan to put your metal garden furniture on a terrace or terrace.

Likewise, if you place furniture on your yard, inserts can prevent your feet from digging in the ground. Other disruptions, consumers of tables and chairs often fail to consider, will the furniture be flat? Most floors, especially outside, are uneven. Many people do not even consider this, and upon arrival of a solid metal or wood table they are very disappointed when they realize that they will be trapped using a wedge under their feet. This will really damage the aesthetics. If you can, choose a product whose height mechanism can be adjusted.

To conclude our guide; You need to check the finishing; ensure your product does not rust, weld to ensure sturdy connections and feet for potential damage and stability. We hope you make the right choice and enjoy your metal garden furniture for years to come!

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