Rustic Farmhouse Design Interior Ideas

Rural House Design Interior Ideas

Design Interior Ideas – Open living rooms and family dining kitchens are designed in a charming farmhouse style that makes it a warm and friendly home. The focal point of the kitchen is ivory walls with tribal carved sliding doors that evoke old world charm. The sari curtains that cover the cabinet under the sink give a touch of the eclectic periodDesign Interior Ideas

The kitchen and living room people design it for lazy meetings with family and friends. Soft cream and white shades, the living room has a vintage chai table with pillows spread on the carpet. The Haveli desk door kitchen table is located close to the curved bay window, bringing light and warmth inside. Therefore, rustic old wood and vintage corbels accented with green foliage serve as centerpieces.

The bedroom has a Kamasutra headboard with rustic wood which presents a bohemian touch. Handloom cotton sheets match the bed. Sheer sari blinds that cover the top of the bed give a romantic feel. High white curtains hanging from the ceiling made the room feel bigger. Slider barn doors made from old Indian doors provide unique statements needed.

The main bathroom is a quiet sanctuary with lines of Buddha carvings on the wall with old sandstone layers that provide a nice contrast to the smooth table surface. A double vanity sink made from a large Haveli door buffet has a granite drawer and utility drawer. Then, the reclaimed oak floor continued from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Rural House Design

The hallway has a curved window mirror hanging large across an abstract painting. This gives an illusion of greater space and brings elements of nature. In other words, the dark blue hope coffin complements the decoration.

The ancient Indian bench at the entrance presents a touch of rustic style. In other words, the focal point is the three arched jharokha mirror that is reminiscent of the old village’s past. In other words, a simple long console table stores a fancy bouquet of flowers in a vintage pillar-accented container.¬†Old architectural arches and open wooden beams give a vintage style room. Then, Ancient bookshelves filled with white porcelain and travel collections add to the nuances that are lived.

Shabby chic style plays with a farmhouse design in this charming dining room. A rustic wooden table made from old Indian doors occupies the center of the room. A magnificent train bench is located at one end of a wrought iron table and chair on the other. Collage design and rural architecture, comfortable and complete farmhouse-style interiors.

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