Curb Appeal – 10 Tips On Visual Decisions For Your Exterior Home Design

Curb Appeal – 10 Tips On Visual Decisions For Your Exterior Home Design

Curb Appeal – One of the first things I notice about a home is the overall proportions, the colors and the approach to the front door.

When you’re working with an existing home that needs some help… you need to think about whether you want to make some cosmetic improvements or fix architectural problems too.

Are you motivated to sell? Or do you enjoy your home and want it to look its best?Curb Appeal

How do you make all the visual decisions needed to create curb for your home?

1. Keep in mind about your neighborhood. Make the work that you do pay off. Don’t over build for your neighborhood.

2. Think about your budget.

3. Are you a DIYer with time for the project verses hiring help?

4. Look at your home from the street and make a list of what you think you would like to do. Then put a price on each item to get an idea of what you’re getting into. If it makes senses for the neighborhood, great!

5. Will you need to take out a loan? Or are you planning to pay as you go? Personally, I like the idea of paying as I go.

6. Start with what’s most important. It sounds boring, but typically the first thing is cleaning…whether you plan to follow up with a fresh coat of paint or not. I like to use a long handle car brush and water. I don’t like to use a power sprayer because in some cases you can damage the siding or blast water into areas you didn’t think about. (i.e. vents under eaves)

7. The front door would be next on my list. Depending on the door, there are a number of options.

  • Paint it an attractive accent color that works for your house.
  • Add new hardware to the existing door and replace the mailbox
  • Or you can go with a totally brand new door
  • I would rather see an attractive front door without a storm door, but in some cases they make sense.

8. Paint can really bring a house to life…especially if it has some architectural detail. Three colors are generally the most you should use. Siding color, trim color, and shutters along with the front door. In other words, Roof color and stone play into your color choices as well.

9. Hopefully, your garage doors are in good shape and match the architecture of your home. In other words, If all you need to do is clean or paint them you’re all set. For others with a very visible garage door from the street (i.e. more than 1/3 of the front of your home) can be a big item if it needs to be replaced. Then, Speaking from experience it can be a big improvement to the overall feel of your home.

10. Landscape plantings, pavers, shutters, and flowerboxes all add to the finishing touches.

Hopefully this list will help you make good decisions that will pay off in the end. Take some time to think it through before you get started.

Then, You’ll be happy with the finished curb appeal after taking the time to do it right!


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