DALI LED Dimmer Enables Building Lighting Automation

DALI LED Dimmer Enables Building Lighting Automation

Building Lighting – DALI is a digital control protocol for lighting which consists of a bus with master control units and lighting devices (light dimmers, LED drivers, electronic ballast etc.) connected via it. Bi-directional data exchange enables the masters to monitor and control each light. The protocol allows devices to handle individually and also combine broadcast group messages and scenes to simultaneously address multiple devices.

DALI lighting devices are available in various types including LED drivers, fluorescent HF ballasts, low voltage transformers, PE cells, motion detectors, wall switches and gateways to other protocols. Each network allows up to 64 devices. Sites requiring more than 64 devices are implemented by having multiple separate networks, each with up to 64 devices. This separate network then you have to connect together with the DALI gateway and data backbone that runs high-level protocols. For home lighting automation, 1 network is enough to install all lighting devices that can be controlled by one master control unit.Building Lighting

DALI LED – available with various styles

The master control units are used to send DALI signal to lighting devices via the bus. And are available with various styles including rotary knob. Push button and touch control panel which feature their own advantages respectively. Mono, dual color (warm white and cool white), RGB/RGBW ones are available for lights with different colors. DALI Bus supports the Master directly with very little power consumption.They also feature the automatic address assignment function and enable to select different single light address. Group address for controlling by encoding switch so that you can control multiple lighting device synchronously or separately.

The correct lighting device you have to choose for LED lights. LED dimmer with DALI receives DALI signal from the master unit and outputs PWM signal to control the connected LED lamps. According to input type of LEDs, AC or DC DALI LED dimmer shall be chosen. Constant current or constant voltage output types are available for DC version. Generally their devices design it with a standard DALI control interface with a numerical digital display. Which enables users to set address manually and maximally 64 addresses can be set. In other words, The devices can be available in 1 channel or 4 channels output to fit for mono chromeFree Articles, dual color and RGBW. Push dim function is available while controlled by a normal push switch.

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